"How long will it take my order to arrive?"

For most of our products, orders are filled by Printful. Printful is an online print-on-demand service that manufactures clothing, caps and other items to order, so there is no pre-made stock. Printful ships out of the US and Europe. Due to the manufacturing and shipping, lead times of four to six weeks to Australia are common. You can pay extra to have your order expedited and arrive in two to four weeks. Contact us if your order is taking longer than this.

"What if I have to return something?" or "I've been sent the wrong thing?"

Please contact us and we'll either sort it out for you with Printful or refund your money. In your email, include photos of the product and a clear description of the problem.

"What if the item does not fit?"

We cannot accept returns or refunds for products which do not fit. Please consult the sizing guide or contact us for more information prior to ordering. We may be able to help you decide what size to choose based on samples we have.

"How authentic are the badges?"

'We did the best we could' is the most appropriate answer we can give.

Most of the older badges are taken from old photos or very low resolution digital replications. Where the logo is too low in resolution to easily copy, we have inserted our own details to complete the design or removed fussy details to simplify it.

In some cases, due to the limitations of printing technology, we have had to modify some designs to meet the requirements of Printful's embroidery methods. This may result in a loss of detail or changes to colours.

"This logo looks stupid."

That's more of a comment than a question but you're more than welcome to take it up with the original designer if you can find them and they're still alive.

Also, your face looks stupid.

"How come there's nothing here from my club?"

The reasons are varied but we're conscious we don't want to step too much on intellectual properties.

We have avoided making any products which

  • use current or recent NRL logos, e.g. Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, etc or any NRL logo in use from 1980ish onwards
  • any heritage logos that are very similar to current NRL logos, e.g. South Sydney and St George, or
  • any heritage logos currently used by the NRL clubs in their merchandise, e.g. Glebe, Canterbury and Newtown

"Some of these things look like something I should be getting royalties for?"

Drop us a line below. We want to partner up and revenue share with the right people.

"Can you stock our products?"

That depends but it is likely that we can if it is rugby league related. Send us an email below.

"Can you design a logo for us?"

Sorry but no. We're not graphic designers and lack that spark to create something from nothing. If you'd like, we can put you in touch with our friends at Hearsay Creative.

"Can you take our existing logo and put it on a product?" and "And even if we're not Australian?"

(Very likely) Yes to both questions. Get in touch below.

"Are you affiliated with Pythago NRL?"

Yes. Same dude, hence the name. The shop is partly a fundraiser to cover costs of that, as well as an attempt to keep some rugby league history alive and raise some funds for clubs that do not get as much of the spotlight as their first grade counterparts.

"Why Pythago RD?"

Pythago Rugby Designs.

"Why not RLD?"

We're pushing it uphill but referring to XIIIs as 'league' or 'rugby league', and not 'rugby', is a deference to rugby union that XVs has not earned.

Of course, it leaves open the opportunity to expand into XVs merchandise later but the club's cut will have to go to paying back the FFR XIII for what happened under the Vichy regime. And Serbia in the 1950s. And various other countries.

"I noticed a mistake in your product description", "Your logo is way out and here's a photo to prove it" or "None of these answered my question".

Drop us a line below: